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I’ve been Released!

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Here I am shortly after being released from Russian prison yesterday after serving a 13-day sentence for the prohibited act of walking peacefully down a Moscow street. I look a little worse for wear because I refused to eat while in prison as a way of protesting against the obviously illegal nature of my arrest and trial.

My colleagues at Oborona rushed me to a restaurant to have my first meal and toast my freedom.

Unfortunately, while I was in prison I was unable to attend the formative meeting of the new National Assembly shadow parliament protest organization that I played key role in conceiving. I suspect that the length of my sentence, several times longer than that given to other protesters, was designed in part to achieve this result.

Look for more details about my arrest, trial and time in prison as well as about the National Assembly and the continuation of my protest activity in coming days.


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May 20, 2008 at 14:05

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