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Anti-Seliger and Civil Leadership School

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This weekend, I participated in Anti-Seliger Forum: a sort of festival/summer camp for civil activists, organized by Khimki Forest defenders not far from Moscow. This was one of the most significant opposition (or, better to say, independent of the government) events of the last year in Russia, an attempt, apparently successful, to reach out to a broader part of the society. According to different estimates, from 1000 to 3000 people participated in it over four days.

I presented a new project that we at Vision of Tomorrow Fund have been preparing for several months: Civil Leadership School. Its goal is to create a community of capable, effective and smart activists who will become the leaders of Russia’s civil society in this decade. Through their participation in the School, they will take part in trainings, engage in discussions, gain useful contacts and get to know each other. Best experts will be invited to speak at the School’s events.

For more on the School, check out CivilLeaders.ru (the full Website in both Russian and English will be launched soon). If you understand Russian, you may also watch the very presentation speech at the Anti-Seliger:

Written by Oleg Kozlovsky

June 21, 2011 at 09:24

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  1. Hello dear readers
    My name is Shushan Sargsyan, I’m 26 years old.Now I’m working es up Art-meneger.
    I’m designer-stylist and specialist of De file: Now I’m studying at leadership school and have a educational work, tocontact with a europian student to make a speech.
    I’ll speak 7 minutes and eurpean student will speak by skype3 minutes. I want to ask you to choose one of you best students’, who can speak armenian or russian or english .
    Unfortunately i speak english bad. Please pay attention to my letter, and please answer as soon as possible, because the time is less. The speech will be ready until
    on the 21th of December, 6 PM, and the speech will be on the 23th of December. I’ll wait for your quick answer.

    Best regards
    Shushan Sargsyan
    E-mail: SHS-85@yandex.ru
    MB. (+374 55) 85-54-58

    Шушан Саргсян

    December 22, 2011 at 09:39

  2. Susan, the best way to advance your career would be to suck up to Oleg or Hillary or CIA and talk a lot of crap about Putin. That will open all your doors and some kind of award is assured…

    Forget all the leadership schools and workshops – it will not help you at all if you do not suck up!


    November 18, 2012 at 22:29

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