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Police Arrest an Old Man for Mourning Estemirova

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Yesterday Russian police arrested a man in connection with the murder of human rights activist Natalya Estemirova. He wasn’t a killer, her killers will not be punished. The man was arrested for organizing a demonstration in her memory in the center of Moscow. The action was legal but the police said that “too many people” came to mourn Estemirova, grabbed the 70-years-old organizer by his arms and dragged him to a police van. Several people who protested or tried to prevent the arrest were beaten by the riot police. This is how it happened:

The arrested old man is Viktor Sokirko. He was a political prisoner under Brezhnev. Now he became a prisoner of Putin’s regime.

Written by Oleg Kozlovsky

July 24, 2009 at 14:22

2 Responses

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  1. This is extremely well written Oleg! You are turning into an excellent multilingual blogger!

    La Russophobe

    August 10, 2009 at 02:54

  2. […] protests and don’t mind arresting and beating elderly people. I have already posted a video of one such arrest at a vigil for Natalya Estemirova, a deceased human rights activist. Here is another one filmed on […]

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