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Paranoics appear to be similar everywhere. In Russia, we have some very active men and women who love to either write anonymous letters to FSB about them being “rayed” with invisible radiation by foreign spies or, vice versa, accuse FSB of using “psychotronic weapons” against people. In some cases, these people are not really on their own, they are supported by some government-aligned group and try to participate in the opposition rallies.

Today I got a junk mail from one such group from the USA. These guys do basically the same thing. Reading their letter is quite fun (if you leave alone the fact that these people are most probably suffering from a mental illness). Here is a portion of its text:


A list of the crimes committed by the NWO-Nazis.

Like the WWII Nazis the NWO-Nazis must answer for their crimes.


Secret Geophysical Weapons (earthquake, floods, storms, fires, 9/11) Crimes Against Humanity in Myanmar, China, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Iran, Yemen, Turkey, Greece, USA, Central America, the Carribean, and the Pacific killing well over a million people and massive destruction. (please see the REFERENCES below)

War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Torture using Directed Energy and Neurological Weapons to cause the most horrendous psychological tortures, rapes, sexual abuse, surgical mutilations, ‘mind control’, and other mental and physical mutilations on many, many thousands of people worldwide – citizens, combatants and leaders (coup-de-etats and puppet governments, literally). (please see the REFERENCES below)

Dirty Wars and Black Operations fomenting and prolonging conflicts and civil strife in Algeria, Sudan, Congo, Somalia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Russia, the Caucasus, Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, China, Tibet, Cambodia, Korea, Thailand, Colombia, Bolivia causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

Crimes Against Peace, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan resulting in the deaths of well over a million people and the ongoing destruction of those countries, as the criminals pretend that the world’s most powerful surveillance and military forces can’t establish peace and stability there in 5 and 7 years respectively.

Crimes Against Humanity using Directed Energy Weapons to cause electrical and mechanical crashes and disasters (cars, planes, trains, ships etc.), building and bridge collapses, and violations of the integrity of electronic data and systems killing thousands of people and causing much criminal malfeasance. (please see the REFERENCES below)

Active Criminal Complicity in all of the above crimes by the Media Monopolies and “professionals” as almost all public discourse, and as much as 80% of ‘international news’, ‘events’ and ‘history’, has been degraded into produced and managed dramas/atrocities (i.e. wars, disasters, civil strife etc), and criminally presented as infotainment, endogenous socio-political changes, propaganda and/or pseudo-science. (please see the REFERENCES below)

Active Criminal Complicity in all of the above crimes by other Governments, Agencies and International Organisations as there’s no genuine information or analyses about any of these crimes – at all.

Regarding these Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, Dirty Wars, Black Operations, And Secret Weapons there is a complete ORWELLIAN/STALINIST PUBLIC INFORMATION AND INQUIRY BLACKOUT.


the USA, UK, NATO (with Secret Geophysical Weapons “Weather Machine” War Crimes Bases in Alaska, Norway, Greenland, Australia), Canada, and the Agencies, Corporations, and the Media Monopolies and “professionals” actively involved in the planning, initiation and perpetration of these crimes

Like the WWII Nazis the NWO-Nazis must answer for their crimes.

Remember the real story of the causes of WWII and the Cold War.

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February 5, 2009 at 09:01

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  1. Nashi Activist Tells of Snooping for Kremlin

    Undercover pro-Kremlin agents have worked in opposition groups across Russia to provide the presidential administration with information on opposition activists and rallies, a self-described handler said Thursday.

    Anna Bukovskaya, a St. Petersburg activist with the pro-Kremlin Nashi youth group, said she coordinated a group of 30 young people who infiltrated branches of the banned National Bolshevik Party, Youth Yabloko and United Civil Front in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh and six other cities.



    February 7, 2009 at 02:57

  2. i agree with you


    February 10, 2009 at 17:06

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