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Welcome Washington Post Readers

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I’d like to offer a warm welcome to readers who are visiting this blog for the first time after seeing my op-ed column in the Washington Post newspaper (a reverse translation into Russian appears here). As you can see by reviewing the contents of this blog, I’m currently in jail on spurious charges of civil disobedience following my May 6th arrest, and am due to be released on May 19th or 20th (whether that will actually happen is anyone’s guess). I’ve declared a hunger strike to protest the illegal character of my arrest.

Feel free to just browse around, but let me draw your attention to the most essential contents of this new English-language blog which are available now.

First, several essays I’ve written explaining my politics:

Second, two interviews I’ve given recently to the press:

These five items represent the core contents of my blog at present and you can learn much about me from them. You can also read news articles about me from the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune, and if you browse the blog you will find many other posts detailing the recent activities of my organization, including its protests over my most recent arrest, which is mentioned in my Post column.

I and my colleagues are very much interested in receiving your support in our struggle for democracy in Russia. If you’d like to help, please leave a comment on one of my blog posts with your contact information, or get in touch with me through the “About Me” page on this blog.

I cannot possibly express sufficient gratitude to the Washington Post, both for publishing a major news story about my illegal induction into the military and then allowing me space on its op-ed pages to discuss my views on Russia and the Kremlin’s more recent program of harassment. It’s no understatement to say that I may owe my life to the paper, as well as to the many others — especially those in Russia on the front lines — who have risked all to fight for our common cause.

I will work as hard as I can to make sure I do not betray this confidence.

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