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The Real Election Results

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Only now, thanks to the work of Sergei Shpilkin, a Russian physicist and computer programmer, do we find out the actual results of the recent presidential election in Russia.

The Kremlin claimed there was 69.7% voter turnout. Not true. According to Shpilkin, turnout was actually only 56%.

The Kremlin claimed that Dmitri Medvedev won with 70.3% of the vote, but in fact he only got 63%, Shpilkin says.

As Times Online states: ” On a reduced turnout, this meant that only a third of Russia’s 100 million voters [37.7 million of them] supported Mr Medvedev, far from the overwhelming endorsement claimed by the Kremlin.”

So, two-thirds of Russian voters withheld their support from Medvedev on election day. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that all the liberal candidates had their names removed from the ballots before election day, and many activists were prevented from political demonstrations. As reported on this blog, I for instance was drafted into the army and sent to Ryazan, far from Moscow, to be released only after the election. It stands to reason, then, that if they had been allowed to campaign against Medvedev, his final tally would have been even lower. Maybe, he wouldn’t have won at all.

This is why we believe there is plenty of reason to hope for democratic reform in Russia, if activists like us can galvanize the country in the proper way.


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April 19, 2008 at 15:40

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